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               Each question requires 2 answers (1pt each)

1.  Disney’s classic animated film Pinocchio features several unsavory characters. One is a cat named after an Old Testament figure, the other a boy who shares his name with an old soldier portrayed by TV comic Dick Emery.  Can you name them ?



2.  EastEnders featured a murder trial this year.  The victim was Saskia, but which two men were in the dock ?  Forenames & Surnames please.


Steve Owen
Matthew Rose

3.  Jurassic Park features a palaeontologist & paleobotanist who get drawn close to one another by their experiences.  Actor & actress please ?


Sam Neil
Laura Dern

4.  Kathleen Turner & Jerry Hall have played Mrs Robinson on the London stage in The Graduate.  Who is now set for the role, & name the theatre ?


Amanda Donoho
Gielgud Theatre

5.  In which film did Jonathan Pryce play the menacing Mr Dark of ‘Cooger & Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show’, & who wrote the book of the same name upon which the film is based ?


Sometheing Wicked, This Way Comes
Ray Bradbury

6.  Robert Altman directed the films McCabe & Mrs Miller (1971) and Popeye (1980), in each case which singer/songwriter provided the soundtracks ?


Leonard Cohen
Harry Neilsson

7.   Both appeared in ‘Wild, Wild, West’, who provided the voices for the characters Tulio & Miguel in the animated film “The Road To El Dorado” ?


Kenneth Brannagh
Kevin Kline

8.  Which West End show features Ian McShane in the role of  'Darryl Van Horne' - and who wrote the book from which the musical takes its story ?


Witches of Eastwick
John Updike

9.  Who presented the first 7 of his programmes on the History of Britain on BBC TV this year, and what was the title of his acclaimed best-seller from 1989 which reassessed the French Revolution ?


Simon Schama

10.  The 2 principal dance sequences in Billy Elliot were performed to “I Like To Boogie” & “Town Called Malice”, which acts performed the music ?


T Rex (No13 in 1976)
Jam (No1



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