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Quiz History

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Can You Answer This?
The Joad Question
Quiz Show

A collection of pieces concerning the phenomena we know as 'The Quiz'.

Rather than simply tell visitors what the Wise Old Owls are about, we want to document here something of the history of quizzes and quiz competitions and to record some of the more interesting facts about this most fact-obsessed of leisure activities.

In the left margin and at the foot of this page you will find links to our first three articles.  I urge you to peruse them since they each offer something of interest and, in their own small way, offer an insight into the Quiz phenomenon.

Lastly, while the history of TV & Radio quizzes is an enormous subject (just cataloging all the shows to have aired would be a major undertaking in itself), a small start has been made with our pieces concerning '15 to 1' and 'The Local'.  And in our News section, you can read how one of our leading teams carved out a little piece of TV history on 'The Syndicate'.   





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