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Questions require 2 answers (1pt each)


1. Excepting Julius Caesar & Antony & Cleopatra, which two other plays by Shakespeare have titles with names featuring famous ancient Romans ?


A1. Titus Andronicus and Coriolanus


2. The Directors Guild of America have renamed their most prestigious award - which had been named after the maker of a controversial 1915 film glorifying the Ku Klux Klan. Can you name the director and his controversial silent classic ?


A2.  D.W. Griffith and Birth of a Nation


3. Modern performances of two of Beethoven's ten symphonies include parts other than for musical instruments; which two ?


A3. 9th (Choral) and Wellington's Victory


4. On 28.9.99 which world famous tenor sang his way into the record books at New York's Metropolitan Opera when he opening their season for the 18th time - and which legendary tenor's record did he overtake ?


A4.  Placido Domingo & Enrico Caruso


5. The two most famous statues of Christ in South America are to be found atop Mt. Corcovado in Rio de Janeiro and on the border between Chile & Argentina. By what two names are these statues properly known ?


A5.  Christ the Redeemer and Christ of the Andes


6. Leonardo da Vinci's two best known paintings are to be found in the Louvre in Paris and in Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan. What are these two paintings called ?


A6.  Mona Lisa & Last Supper


7. What's the name & nationality of the writer who in 1999 became the first person ever to win the Booker McConnell Prize for Fiction twice ?


A7.  J.M. Coetzee & South African


8. The capital cities of Brasilia & New Delhi were both laid out by architects in the 20th century. Which two architects ?


A8.  (Oscar) Niemeyer & (Edwin Landseer) Lutyens


9. Early in the 1990s Art Farmer, a master of "be-bop", invented the flumpet. The Flumpet is a cross between which other two brass instruments ?


A9.  Flugelhorn & Trumpet


10. The Bible: Jacob (his name was later changed to Israel) married Laban's two daughters.  Between them (and their 2 maids!) they bore him twelve sons and one daughter. Can you name Jacob's two wives ?


A10.  Leah & Rachel






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