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The draw is a bit complicated. In brief, the Sheffield teams will play off in a straight knock-out
until just three join the main Yorkshire-wide competitions at the quarter final stage (two in the
Champion of Champions
contest, the other in the Plate competition).

The teams from Conferences A to E have been seeded according to their perofomance in the four
mid-season leaue fixtures.  The two top seeds (Cellar Bar & White Lion) get a bye into round 2.  This
means, should they loose, the way the draw has been arranged, they will not go into the Plate contest
(see below).  Twelve other teams have been given a bye into round 1 of the cup, where they will meet
the winners of the preliminary matches.

Teams who loose in the Preliminary and 1st round proper of the Yorkshire-wide Champion of
contest go into the plate contest.  At the quarter final stages of that contest they will be joined
by the winner of the Sheffield Plate.

Both finals will be played at the Lee Brigg WMC, Altofts on Wednesday 26 April 2000.  Matches start at 8pm.

Here are the details of the Sheffield mini-contest

Sheffield Draw: Round 1 - to be played on 22 March

Match 1 Sportsman 1 v Wharncliffe B

Match 2 Mount Pleasant v Washington

Match 3 Wisewood v Holly Bush

Match 4 Wharncliffe A v Red Deer

Sheffield Conference - KO & Plate-Semis - to be played on 29 March

Champion of Champions

Winner Match 1 vs. Winner Match 2

Winner Match 3 vs. Winner Match 4

Plate Contest

Loser Match 1 vs. Loser Match 2

Loser Match 3 vs. Loser Match 4


Sheffield Conference - KO Final (5 April)

Semi-final Winners play-off. The winners of that match are at home in quarter finals
of the Yorkshire-wide contest. Losers get an away tie.

Sheffield Conference - Plate Final (5 April)

Semi-final Winners play-off. The winners only progress to quarter finals of Yorkshire-wide
contest, see below.


Champion of Champions Yorkshire-wide knock out

Match KO Preliminary       Match 1st Round KO      Match 2nd Round KO   Match Quarter Finals KO   Match Semi Finals KO    Final - Knock Out

A  Old Pack Horse B            I    Castle                        i   Winner Match I         1   Winner Sheffield KO     5    Winner Match 1         Winner Match 5

    Ring o' Bells                          Wentworth Arms             Winner Match J             Winner Match i                   Winner Match 3         Winner Match 6

B  Lord Nelson                     J    Horse & Jockey O     ii   Winner Match K        2   Winner Match ii            6    Winner Match 2         Played on 26 April

    Fleece B                               Winner Match A             Winner Match L              Winner Match iii                 Winner Match 4

C  Bay Horse A                    K   Horse & Jockey A     iii   Cellar Bar                 3   Winner Match iv           To be played 19 April

    Cliffe Tree                             Winner Match B             Winner Match M             Winner Match v

D  Redoubt B                        L   Old Pack Horse A     iv   White Lion                4    Winner Match vi

    Bulls Head Inn                        Winner Match C            Winner Match N             Runner Up Sheffield

E  Masons Arms                   M   Smawthorne WMC    v   Winner Match O        To be played 12 April

    Ossett CC                              Winner Match D            Winner Match P                                               

F  Little Bull                          N    Bay Horse B            vi  Winner Match Q

    Old Halfway House                 Winner Match E            Winner Match R

G  Fleece A                         O    New Inn                     To be played 5 April

    Wentworth Hearts                   Winner Match F

H  Railway B                        P    New Vic

    Redoubt A                             Winner Match G

To be played 22 March       Q    Railway A

                                                Winner Match H

                                          R    British Queen

                                                Branch Road Inn

                                          To be played 29 March


                                        Match Round 1 Plate       Match Round 2 Plate    Match Plate Quarter Final   Match Plate Semi Finals     Final - Plate

                                          S    Loser Match A          vii   Winner Match S       10  Winner Sheffield Plate   14   Winnr Match 10         Winner Match 10 

                                                Loser Match B                Loser Match O               Winner Match vi                   Winner Match 11       Winner Match 11

                                          T    Loser Match C          viii  Winner Match T        11  Winner Match viii           15  Winner Match 12

                                                Loser Match D                Loser Match N                Winner Match ix                  Winner Match 13

                                          U    Loser Match E           ix   Loser Match R          12  Winner Match x             To be played 17 April

                                                Loser Match F                Loser Match M                Winner Match xi

                                          V    Loser Match G            x  Loser Match Q           13  Winner Match xii

                                                Loser Match H                Loser Match L                 Winner Match xiii

                                       To be played 29 March     xi   Loser Match P            To be played 12 April

                                                                                     Loser Match K  

                                                                               xii   Winner Match U

                                                                                     Loser Match J

                                                                              xii    Winner Match V

                                                                                     Loser match I

                                                                              To be played 5 April




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