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The Wise Old Owls Yorkshire Quiz League
Wise Old Owls Yorkshire Plate Match

Questions used in the final of our 2000 supplementary Knock-out Competition

Four players in a team. With the exception of round 5 (see later), scoring is as follows ...

Team Rounds = 2 points for a correct answer, 1 point bonus if passed to the opposing side.

Individual Rounds = 3 points for a correct answer, 2 points if answered by opponent, otherwise 1 point.

Answer text in Green

Owning team/player answers correctly for full points

Answer text in Blue

Owning player's individual question answered by team-mate (1 point)

Answer text in Violet

Owning team/player answers incorrectly, opposition scores bonus. 

Answer text in red

Neither owning team/player or opposition answered correctly


The Lord Nelson (eventual winners) went A, the Old Pack Horse ‘B’ went B

Round 1

Team Questions

Subject: Imported Words


Team A1

Which Persian word in English usage describes a market area or charity sale ?


Team B1

Meaning ‘pavilion’, which Turkish word describes a small booth where you might buy cigarettes, food or newspapers ?


Team A2

From Hindustani meaning ‘belonging to (or from) Bengal’, which word describes a one-storey house ?


Team B2

Meaning ‘gathering’, which modern Hebrew word describes an Israeli collective farming community ?


Team A3

Originally from Sanskrit meaning ‘religious exercise’, which Russian word is often used to describe a priest or medicine man from North America or Northern Asia ?


Team B3

Now used in connection with advertising and political campaigns, which word originates from the Gaelic description of a (Scottish) highland battle-cry ?


Team A4

Meaning ‘ear of corn’, which old Hebrew word describes a word that, according to how its spoken, distinguishes one group (or class) of people from another ?


Team B4

Describing the descent to earth of a god in human form, which Sanskrit word is used in some computer-games to refer to the cyber-character a player controls ?




Round 2

Team Questions

Subject: Late 1980


Team A1

In November, who won a landslide victory in the US Presidential election ?

Ronald Reagan

Team B1

The same month in the UK, who was elected Labour Leader by 10 votes ?

Michael Foot

Team A2

As well as a new version of the Ford Escort, which British motor car was launched at the Motor Show in October ?

Mini Metro

Team B2

Which two middle-east countries went to war in September ?

Iran & Iraq

Team A3

On September 17th Anastasio Somoza was assassinated in Paraguay. He had formerly been the dictator of which central American country ?


Team B3

In October, Malcolm Fraser led his ‘Liberal & Country’ coalition to power in which Commonwealth country ?


Team A4

Shortly before his death, who resigned as Soviet Premier in October ?

(Alexsey) Kosygin

Team B4

In December, which controversial academic was appointed personal economic adviser to the Prime Minister at a salary of £50,000 p.a. ?

(Alan) Walters



Round 3

Team Questions

Subject: Southern England


Team A1

Once a part of the much more expansive Waltham Forest, in which county is Epping Forrest ?


Team B1

Now located within Windsor & Maidenhead Unitary Authority, the famous Ascot Racecourse was once situated in which former English county ?


Team A2

Which Kent market town on the river Stour, about 8 miles NW of Folkestone, is an important stopping-place for trains using the Channel Tunnel ?


Team B2

Which residential district in the London Borough of Barnet is home to both the RAF and Battle of Britain museums ?


Team A3

The district of Torbay was created in 1968 by the union of three seaside resorts. These being Paignton, Torquay, and which other ?


Team B3

Which rocky peninsula on the south coast is the site of as a castle built by Henry VIII in 1520 and Europe’s largest man-made harbour ?

(Isle of) Portland

Team A4

Some 7 miles SE of Bath, in which town are the administrative headquarters of the county of Wiltshire ?


Team B4

Noted for its oysters, which Kent resort stands at the mouth of the river Swale ?



Round 4


Subject: Exponents of the performing arts


Team A1

She made her debut in The Nutcracker in 1934, how is the dancer Margaret

(or ‘Peggy’), Hookham better known ?

Margot Fonteyn

Team B1

She made her opera debut in Rigoletto in 1887, how is the singer Helen Porter Mitchell better known ?

Nellie Melba

Team A2

Knighted in 1947 he was made a Baron in 1970; which English actor was married to his second wife Joan Plowright from 1961 until his death in 1989 ?

Lawrence (Kerr) Olivier

Team B2

Born 1948, he was principal dancer with the Royal Ballet from 1973 to 1983. Who formed his own dance company, ‘Dash’, in 1980 ?

Wayne Sleep

Team A3

Born in Lancashire in 1912; which much loved and admired contralto singer was awarded the CBE shortly before her death from cancer in 1953 ?

Kathleen Ferrier

Team B3

Born Margaret Natalie Cross in 1934, she is particularly noted for her comic roles; which actress was formerly married to the late (actor) Robert Stephens ?

Maggie Smith

Team A4

He managed an Oscar nomination in 1953 though ‘blacklisted’ as a communist. The film score to Genevieve may have been credited to Muir Mattheson, but who wrote and performed its famous harmonica theme ?

(Lawrence) Larry Adler

Team B4

Born in 1920 he was recently honoured in his home country, India. Which virtuoso musician helped popularise Indian music in the West and composed two concertos for sitar & orchestra in 1971 & 1981 ?

Ravi Shankar


Round 5 Team Questions ~ Themed Round

There is a specific link between each of the answers to the four questions that follow.

Teams should write down the four answers and the specific link between those answers and should then exchange papers for marking. Teams only have 1 MINUTE after the reading of the final question to complete their sheets.


Read the questions as normal, allowing time for teams to jot down some notes. When you have read the final question (number 4) time one minute. After the expiry of that one minute, ask the teams to exchange their papers for marking.

Please do not give any answers until after the papers are exchanged

Two points are scored for each correct answer. Two points are scored for identifying the correct link.



Traditionally, what colour flag was hoisted outside a prison to signify an execution was to take place ?



What word does the "P" in the acronym V.S.O.P. represent ?



What is the predominant colour of the ‘home shirts’ worn by Charlton Athletic F.C.?



What colour habits are worn by Carmelite Monks ?


The specific link is … Horsemen/Horses of the Apocalypse (Black – hunger; "Pale" – death; Red – war & White - civil strife)


Prior to taking the half-time break teams were told the subjects for round 9 were as follows ...



20th Century Playwrights

The Royal Family

Team members decided over the half-time break which of the subjects each was to take in round 9.




Round 6

Team Questions

Subject: Sport


Team B1

Nicknamed The Hammer, which baseball player retired in 1976 after hitting an all-time career record 755 home runs ?
Hank Aaron

Team A1

Which nickname associated with New York’s old Yankee Stadium reflects Babe Ruth’s contribution to the club’s prosperity ?

The house that Ruth built

Team B2

Which Scottish athlete became Women’s World 10,000m Champion in 1992 and won consecutive Commonwealth Gold, in the same event, in 1986 & 1990 ?

Liz McColgan

Team A2

With 8 Grand Slam titles to her name, which English tennis player established a record number of appearances in Wightman & Federation Cup teams ?
Virginia Wade

Team B3

No-doubt inspired by his height – he was 7’1" – what was the nickname of record-breaking basketball player Wilton Norman Chamberlain ?

Wilt the Stilt

Team A3

Famed for his trademark ‘sky hook’ shot, what name did legendary basketball player Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor take following his conversion to Islam in 1968 ?

(Kareem) Abdul-Jabbar

Team B4

Born 1957 and four times LPGA Player of the Year; which American golfer’s spectacular performances of the late ‘70s & early ‘80s did much to increase the popularity of the womens’ game ?

Nancy Lopez

Team A4

Born 1963, a member of the 1984 Curtis Cup team, which English golfer turned Pro in 1985, the year in which she won Rookie of the Year ?

Laura Davies


Round 7

Team Questions

Subject: Making Headlines


Team B1

The actor Bill Dean died last Friday. He achieved fame playing which cynical interfering neighbour in the Channel 4 soap Brookside (mainly in the ‘80s) ?

Harry Cross

Team A1

Also last Friday, the Grand Final of which televised contest saw ‘Chaos 2’ defeat ‘Hypnodisk’ ?

‘Robot Wars’

Team B2

Last Thursday marked the 1st anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre.  In which US state is Littleton, scene of those tragic killings ?


Team A2

In which US city were some 600 anti-globalization protesters arrested this month during demonstrations against the World Bank & the I.M.F. ?


Team B3

Preserved as a 66 million year-old fossil. Which part of a dinosaur’s anatomy has recently been the subject of much scientific speculation ?

Heart (warm blooded?)

Team A3

A ‘living fossil’ once thought to have become extinct with the dinosaurs, which fish is now protected by a UN ban on all international trade in the species ?


Team B4

In which European country were 7 people killed and 65 injured following a toxic gas attack on a nightclub ?


Team A4

Which important arms-reduction treaty was ratified by Russia’s Parliament, the Duma, on Friday 14th April ?

‘Start II’


Round 8

Team Questions

Subject: "Final"


Team B1

"Space, the final frontier....These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise." A line penned by the creator of Star Trek. What was his name ?

Gene Roddenberry

Team A1

"To where Saint Mary Woolnoth kept the hours, With a dead sound on the final stroke of nine" - lines from the 1922 poem The Wasteland. Who was the poet ?

T.S. Elliot

Team B2

Not their last time on the UK album chart – entitled ‘The Final Cut’, which UK group’s 15th album reached No1 in 1983 ?

Pink Floyd

Team A2

It only reached No2 in the UK charts (although their first 2 albums reached No1), which UK duo’s third & final album, released in 1986, was entitled ‘The Final’ ?


Team B3

Starring Kirk Douglas & Martin Sheen, in which 1980 film is a US aircraft carrier somehow transported back to the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour ?

The Final Countdown

Team A3

A sequel to Damien & Damien II, in which film does Sam Neil play the Antichrist who, as head of Thorn Industries, becomes US Ambassador to London ?

The Final Conflict

Team B4

Which Swedish group had a UK No1 single in 1986 with "The Final Countdown" ?


Team A4

And finally, which US female vocalist reached No29 & then No2 in the UK singles charts, in 1991 & 1992 respectively, with "Finally" (it also charted as an album) ?

Ce Ce Peniston




Round 9

Individual Questions

Players choose their subjects


Subject One: World War II

Team B1

Situated above the river Rapido in Italy, which Benedictine monastery formed an intrinsic part of Germany’s defensive Gustav Line in 1943 ?

(Monte) Cassino

Team A1

Hitler code-named it ‘Watch on the Rhine’, what did the allies call Germany’s Western front counteroffensive of December 1944 ?

Battle of the Bulge

Subject Two: Quotations

Team B2

Who boasted "When I first knew Elvis he had a million dollars’ worth of talent. Now he has a million dollars" ?

(Col.) Tom Parker

Team A2

Which US President first put a sign on his desk saying "The buck stops here" ?

Harry Truman

Subject Three: 20th Century Playwrights

Team B3

Which US playwright penned "The Glass Menagerie" in 1945 ?

Tennessee Williams

Team A3

Which English playwright penned "The Royal Hunt of the Sun" in 1964 ?

Peter Shaffer

Subject Four: The Royal Family

Team B4

Three of Prince Charles’ forenames are Charles, Philip & George. Which is his other ?


Team A4

Two of the Queen’s forenames are Elizabeth & Mary. Which is her other ?