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The Wise Old Owls Yorkshire Quiz League
Champion of Champions Match

Questions used in the final of our 2000 Knock-out Competition

Four players in a team. With the exception of round 5 (see later), scoring is as follows ...

Team Rounds = 2 points for a correct answer, 1 point bonus if passed to the opposing side.

Individual Rounds = 3 points for a correct answer, 2 points if answered by opponent, otherwise 1 point.

Answer text in Green

Owning team/player answers correctly for full points

Answer text in Blue

Owning player's individual question answered by team-mate (1 point)

Answer text in Red

Owning team/player answers incorrectly. Number in green indicates if opposition answered for a bonus – and points picked up. 

Question text in red

Neither owning team/player or opposition answered correctly





Round 1

Team Questions

Subject: "Last"


Team A1

Who had 48 UK Top 50 albums between 1967 & 1993 ~ titles including ‘Make the Party Last’ and ‘Last the Whole Night Long’ ?

James Last (Orchestra)

Team B1

Recording under the name of a German composer who died in 1921, which UK male vocalist reached No 3 in the UK album chart in 1967 with ‘The Last Waltz’ ?

Engelbert Humperdinck

Team A2

Created by Roy Clarke, which BBC TV comedy was first screened in 1972 ?

Last of the Summer Wine

Team B2

Screened in 1971, which BBC historical serial was based on the books of James Fenimore Cooper ?

Last of the Mohicans

Team A3

Who had a UK No 2 single in July 1975 with ‘The Last Farewell’ ?

Roger Whittaker

Team B3

Who had a UK No 8 single in July 1979 with ‘Last Train To London’ ?


Team A4

In which 1984 film is a teenage video-game whiz-kid abducted by the survivors of a distant planet who need his "combat" skills to outwit their enemies ?

The Last Starfighter

Team B4

Written & directed by James Clavell, which 1970 film - an historical epic starring Michael Caine and Omar Sharrif - is set during the Thirty Years War ?

The Last Valley

Round 2

Team Questions

Subject: Literary Terms


Team A1

What name is given to a series of lines, usually verse, where the first letters of each line (and sometimes the last) read down to make a word or phrase ?


Team B1

What name was given in medieval times to a book containing stories and images of real and imagined creatures ?


Team A2

A term coined by John Stuart Mill in 1868, what name describes an imaginary society whose evil qualities are meant to serve as a moral or political warning ?


Team B2

What name is given to a satirical attack on a person in prose or verse, most commonly in the form of a vicious character sketch ?


Team A3

Also a punctuation mark, what name is given to a figure of speech such as an aside addressed to some absent person or quality - e.g. "O Death, where is thy sting?" or Hamlet's "Frailty, thy name is woman"?


Team B3

An aphorism is a short pithy maxim, usually making a general observation. What name is given to an aphorism which is universally accepted ?


Team A4

What name is given to the humorous verse form invented by Edmund Bentley in which the first line is typically the name of the person who is the poem's subject ?

Clerihew (i.e. Edmund Bentley's middle name)

Team B4

From the Greek, what name is given to the emotional purging & purification that an audience experiences while watching a harrowing tragic drama ?


Round 3

Team Questions

Subject: Blankety Blank


A word (or words) from a ‘regrettable’ quotation has been replaced by "Blank" (or "Blankety Blank"). Which word(s)

Team A1

Idi Amin to Queen Elizabeth II in 1975 - "In view of the success of my economic revolution in Uganda, I offer myself to be appointed Head of the Blank." ?


Team B1

A remark attributed to the chairman of IBM in 1943 - "I think there is a world market for about five Blanks." ?


Team A2

Prime Minister John Major speaking on BBC2 in 1996 - "With the retirement of Blankety Blank, something sad will have gone out of English cricket." ?

‘Dickie’ Bird

Team B2

Brian Johnson welcoming listeners to Grace Road, Leicester c.1973 - "You’ve come over at a very appropriate time; Ray Illingworth has just Blankety Blanked at the pavilion end." ?

"Relieved himself"

Team A3

Margaret Thatcher in 1983 on the occasion of her deputy’s elevation to the House of Lords - "Every Prime Minister should have a Blank." ?

Willie (as in Whitelaw)

Team B3

Rather prophetically, just a month before a notorious incident in 1998, the Western Mail printed "What the Welsh Assembly needs now to capture the public imagination is … for Blankety Blank to be caught with his trousers down." ?

Ron Davies

Team A4

Henry Ford II (the second) in 1957 pronouncing on the model of car which bore his son’s name - "The Blank is here to stay." ?

Edsel (as in Ford Edsel)

Team B4

(The blank here is name of its inventor) General Motors announce a move to a new engine type in 1969 - "The Blank will eventually dwarf such … technological developments as … the Polaroid camera and colour television." ?

Wankel (rotary engine)



Round 4

Individual Questions

Subject: Recent News


Team A1

Which Fijian golfer won the US Masters at Augusta this year ?

Vijay Singh

Team B1

Which Uruguayan scored both of Chelsea’s goals in their FA Cup semi-final victory over Newcastle United ?

Gustavo Poyet

Team A2

Accepting his Bafta fellowship, which veteran actor launched a bitter attack on the British movie establishment, saying they’d made him feel like an "outsider" ?

Michael Caine

Team B2

Knighted eight years ago, which actor recently became a US citizen ?

Anthony Hopkins

Team A3

Which union leader said there is "institutional racism at the heart of Government" & accused Home Secretary Jack Straw of "giving life to the racists" ?

Bill Morris

Team B3

Which MP’s body lay on view at the Freedom Hall, Tottenham Green Leisure Centre so people could pay their respects before his funeral last Tuesday ?

Bernie Grant

Team A4

The film’s charity premiere was held in Leicester Square in support of Comic Relief, who stars opposite Harry Enfield in Kevin & Perry Go Large ?

Kathy Burke

Team B4

Who made a keynote speech at the opening of the Model UN Millennium Summit calling upon youngsters to practice ‘safe sex’ ?

Geri Halliwell


Round 5 Team Questions ~ Themed Round

There is a specific link between each of the answers to the four questions that follow.

Teams should write down the four answers and the specific link between those answers and should then exchange papers for marking. Teams only have 1 MINUTE after the reading of the final question to complete their sheets.


Read the questions as normal, allowing time for teams to jot down some notes. When you have read the final question (number 4) time one minute. After the expiry of that one minute, ask the teams to exchange their papers for marking.

Please do not give any answers until after the papers are exchanged

Two points are scored for each correct answer. Two points are scored for identifying the correct link.



Which member of the Royal family - first name will do - was born on 10 March 1964 ?



He is also a Labour MP, what is the first name of Tony Benn’s son ?



What was the surname of the character played by Phillip Thomas in "Miami Vice" ?



What is the more familiar name for the common disorder Epistaxis ?


The specific link being The League of Gentlemen (Edward & Tubbs run the Local shop and the strange meat sold by the butcher, Hilary, gave everyone in Royston Vasey a nosebleed)


Prior to taking the half-time break, please tell the teams that the subjects for round 9 are as follows ...

Business & Economics

Famous Women (late 19th - early 20th century)


Latin Tags & Phrases

Team members should decide over the half-time break which of the subjects each will take in round 9.



Round 6

Team Questions

Subject: Assassins & Assassinations


Team B1

In 1170, who was assassinated by Fitzorse, Tracy, Morville and Brito  ?

Thomas á Becket

Team A1

He was Mary Queen of Scots’ second husband, who was blown up in Edinburgh by a group of conspirators in 1567 ?

Lord (Stewart) Darnley

Team B2

Who was shot dead by Nazis in his Vienna Chancellery in 1934 ?

(Dr Engelbert) Dollfuss

Team A2

In 1922, who was killed in an ambush laid for him between Bandon & Macroom in the Irish Republic ?

Michael Collins

Team B3

What was the surname of the disappointed office-seeker who assassinated US President James Garfield in 1881 ?

(Charles) Guiteau

Team A3

What was the surname of the bankrupt Liverpool broker who assassinated British Prime Minister Sir Spencer Perceval in 1812 ?

(John) Bellingham

Team B4

Which Secretary General of the South African Communist party was gunned down outside his home in a Johannesburg suburb in 1993 ?
(Chris) Hani

Team A4

Which former fashion designer was shot dead in Milan in 1995 ?

(Maurizio) Gucci


Round 7

Team Questions

Subject: European towns & cities


Team B1

Bregenz and Klagenfurt are provincial capitals in which country ?


Team A1

Similarly, Constanta and Timisoara ?


Team B2

Broadly speaking, where in France will you find the towns of Bastia and Calvi ?


Team A2

Similarly, Quimper (say "Com-per") and Rennes ?


Team B3

Which Italian port city is the capital of Puglia (say "Pool-ya") ?


Team A3

Similarly, Liguria ?


Team B4

The birthplace of the artist Albrecht Dürer, which German city on the Pegnitz river was an important meeting place for the Meistersinger ?


Team A4

Which German city on the Baltic was formerly the administrative headquarters of the Hanseatic League ?



Round 8

Team Questions

Subject: World War II


Team B1

In separate campaigns, which two countries did Russia invade in 1939 ?

Poland & Finland

Team A1

Which two countries were invaded & conquered by Germany in April 1941 ?

Greece & Yugoslavia

Team B2

Popularised by the US comedian Bob Burns in the mid-30s, which ‘spoof’ trombone-like instrument gave its name to an anti-tank weapon used in WWII ?


Team A2

What was the name of the device used by German U-Boats enabling them to run on diesel and recharge their batteries while remaining submerged ?


Team B3

Named after a fashionable area of London, which fortified site 25 miles southwest of Tobruk was overrun by Rommel’s Afrika Corps in May 1942 ?


Team A3

Which architectural style shared its name with the Germans’ final line of defence in Italy ~ running from Pisa, through Florence to Ancona ?

Gothic (Line)

Team B4

Which armed merchantman courageously attacked the German battleship Admiral Scheer in 1940, enabling 32 of the convoy she was escorting to escape ?

Jervis Bay

Team A4

Before she was sunk on encountering an enemy flotilla in 1940, which Royal Navy destroyer rammed & severely damaged the German heavy cruiser Hipper ?

(HMS) Glowworm



Round 9

Individual Questions

Players choose their subjects


Subject One: Business & Economics

Team B1

If the cost of acquiring a business exceeds the net value of its assets, which one-word term describes the excess ?


Team A1

What two-word term do economists use to designate the fundamental price of something in terms of the benefits foregone to acquire it ?

Opportunity Cost

Subject Two: Famous Women (late 19th-early 20th century)

Team B2

Which Polish-born German communist, together with another co-founder of the Spartacist League, was murdered in January 1919 ?

(Rosa) Luxemburg

Team A2

She died in 1912; which campaigner for housing reform and public open spaces was in 1894 a co-founder of the National Trust ?

(Octavia) Hill

Subject Three: Fish

Team B3

What type of fish is a Porbeagle ?

(Mackerel) Shark

Team A3

Of which genus of fish is the Bonito a variety ?

Tuna or Tunny

Subject Four: Latin tags & phrases

Team B4

A question posed inJohn's Gospel in the New Testament and also a film title, which two-word Latin phrase translates into English as "whither goest thou? " ?

Quo Vadis

Team A4

Now the name of a sweet wine produced in Italy, which two word Latin phrase translates into English as "the tears of Christ" ?

Lachryma Christie


Team "Beer & tiebreak" Round

Subject: General Knowledge


Team B1

On April 18th 1775, who famously rode from Charleston to Lexington ?

Paul Revere

Team A1

It recently announced plans for a £100 million development, which museum opened in South Kensington, London, on April 18th 1881 ?

Natural History Museum

Team B2

On April 18th 1934, the world’s first launderette opened in Fort Worth, Texas. However, it was not called a launderette, it was known as a … what ?


Team A2

After the old London Bridge was sold to a US company on 18th April 1968, in which US state was it re-erected in 1971 ?


(Lake Havasu City)

Team B3

Originally a music hall comic he went on to appear in a number of films; which British comedian died on April 18th 1949 ?

Will Hay

Team A3

He also appeared in films - although he is mainly remembered for his television work - which British comedian died on April 18th 1992 ?

Benny Hill

Team B4

Which infamous figure from the British judiciary died on April 18th 1689 ?

(Judge George) Jeffreys

Team A4

Which infamous duchess of Ferrara was born on April 18th 1480 ?

Lucrezia Borgia

Tie-Breaker (if required as a last resort) teams must write answer down, nearest wins. If there is a tie the first to answer wins

Q: In which year was the comedian Will Hay born ?

A: 1888

Spare Questions

Use only in the order printed



President Clinton on 25.1.98 - "I want you to listen to me. I’m going to say this again. I did not have Blankety Blank with that woman, Miss Lewinsky." ?

Sexual Relations


Former defence & trade minister Alan Clark giving evidence at a trial in 1992 concerning arms sales to Iraq - "Of course I was economical with the Blank." ?



A cold-blooded native of North America that grows up to 24 inches in length, what sort of creature is a Hellbender ?



Remarkable because it can breed when immature, what name is given to the larval (tadpole) stage in the development of the Mexican Salamander ?

Axolotl (say "Axe-o-lot-l")